Ballina English Technology


Opinion television with very modest technical equipment back then and gradually reaching perfection, today, we can say that owns more sophisticated technical facilities broadcasting its TV program.
When we say such an appraisal for the moment, it should not be taken as megalomaniac complacency because sophisticated television techniques are moving along each day.
We are extremely satisfied with our achievements only because everything we have, is implemented fully, quickly and with our own investments, meaning our own work investments without even the smallest donation from outside.
The technology used for our program is completely digital DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting), which allows implementation of programs with high-quality photography which is processed entirely by digital computer editing, giving brightness of our ether to your families ,advanced quality high ranging from registration of shooting with digital cameras, computer montages, director of ether, Stream Server (internet transmissions) to the transmitter which transmits high power of 1000 WAT and covers an area of 63% of the territory of Kosovo and all Dukagjini region.
Of course, just as we have done so far, we will continue to create our future which certainly we hope it will be good.
We don’t hide our ambitions and they have always been and are transparent: pretending to become national television and our TV signals to be transmitted not only in the entire territory of Kosovo, but also in satellite transmissions.
It seems a little excessive, but in 2001,back when we started on, compared to what we have achieved today, did it looked really incredible?!