Ballina English Marketing


If you want a successful business, trust our television advertising.
Sync our professionally and high tech digital made commercials, your business will be presented not only in terrestrial and cable network but our viewers will have the opportunity to see your work through internet network in world.
Our televisions marketing can be done by two systems we offer: Professionalism, perfect broadcasting technology, have made our television the best choice for advertising, with most business ads in editing.
This client’s reliability was confirmed also by a statistical survey of “AAB” university in Prishtina.
Opinion televisions marketing service is managed by the administrator which is always available for our clients.
At the same time our marketing service network is consist of our associates spread throughout the territory where this television is viewed.
All those who are interested can contact us directly in our marketing office, which is located in the building of Opinion television in Prizren, “Nëna Tereza “str. ,3rd floor, or through telephone number for this service:
1. TV Opinion offices 029/631-310
2. Administration – Marjana Perdoqi 044/800-860
3. Accountant – Marije Shahini

As well you can contact our representatives :

1. Hysen Binaku – Gjakovë – 044/247-304
2. Osman Goranci – Prizren – 044/191-220
3. Kushtrim Selaj – Prizren – 044/335-402