Ballina English Management and Implementing Team

Management and Implementing Team

Opinion television’s leading hierarchy starts with Mr. Edvard Kolnrekaj, the owner of the television, then continues with the director, which function is currently performed by Mr. Granit Shosha and two editors:
1. Iinformative editor, performed by Mr. Rami Berisha
2. Sport and culture editor, performed by Mr. Vllaznim Bytyçi.
Below follows Opinion television staff, this consists of: journalists, moderators-s, editing, cameramen, technicians and other administrative team.

Structure and personnel policies of television Opinion.

Opinion television, always as a fundamental principle in its work has had and has: neutrality, authenticity, independence of action and decision-making and worthy presentation of national interests and values.
In achieving these goals, television is based on its own independent policy personnel measures, favoring not only employment, but also training and promotion, especially of young and inexperienced staff.

Televisions work has not started with the imposition of urgent need of staff and workers, because we have harmonized these needs with the other prerequisites of the moment. We are not saying that we are completely filled with the appropriate staff, but we are proud of those we have, because they are trained and seasoned in our midst and as the time goes by they are reaching proper professionalism and so they are becoming contender for the highest levels of informative institutions in Kosovo and beyond.

We still need to build the capacity of new technical and professional journalists, and will fulfill slowly other prerequisites, primarily financial.
We are in good way…