Ballina English Internet


Aiming always to be on the cutting edge, our strategic development orientations primarily have been focused on achieving as much technical excellence, in parallel with this as a precondition, the growth of qualitative and quantitative visibility, aiming also to be in the near future transmitter with license even in the national area.
As a form of the possibility of achieving this goal to be beside to our compatriots wherever in the world, in January 2007 we have managed, through integration into the global Internet network, to convey our television programs in this very popular virtual form editing.
Practically, since the beginning of January 2007, Opinion Television shows can be seen “LIVE”, 24 hours, even through the Internet network.
Since the first day of the beginning of our “LIVE” program editing on the Internet, this form of contact with their homeland, was quickly accepted by many our compatriots all over the world.
For a very short time, the number of viewers who click on our website began to grow in the hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.
The great interest of our compatriots for Opinion Television programs on the internet was so great so the integration and connection by phone calls almost in all direct contact emissions largely began to grow.
These forms of involvement of the viewers, we voiced on the Internet, were from Albanians living and working in all regions of the world: America, Australia, Canada, various European countries … etc.