Ballina English Ground network

Ground network

With a very perfect device that transmitted power from 1000 WAT, and as the last words of contemporary technique digital DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Opinion Television TV broadcasts its programs on the air by television broadcaster’s bar, which is located in Zym Has specifically on the hill called “Bajrak”.
It is also extremely important to note that the plots where it is located today our Televisions broadcasting pillars is a private property of the Opinion television founder.
Adequate height and extremely convenient position strategically position transmitted by the above mentioned land, on the one hand, and perfect transmitter as the last word diffusive radio technique, on the other hand, enable the end user into the television, catch of Opinion Television signal perfectly.
Specified technical characteristics and current broadcaster’s strategic position itself not only affect very qualitative catching issuer signal, but this signal penetration airspace includes all airspace in Dukagjini region and beyond, namely: the Municipality of Prizren Region, Gjakova, Peja, Istog , Rahovec, Malisheva, Theranda, to several locations greater heights positioned in “Bregu i diellit” in Pristina.
According to our internal surveys, catching signal of OPINION Television practically achieved in 63% of the territory of Kosovo, in some parts of Macedonia and northern areas of Tropoja in Albania. Therefore, not surprisingly, our motto, which is guided “A million viewers”, which actually reflects the potential of our Television visibility, in proportion to territorial space and the number of inhabitants of Kosovo