Ballina English Background


First transmission of Hasi television was edited on 22.09.2001, the day which is officially considered as its birth date.
This televisions signal transmits from Zym- Has, on a hill called “Bajrak”, which was once the former broadcaster RTP back then. This terrain used as televisions broadcasters is family owned by the founder of television OPINION.
From the nostalgia for the homeland and its region, this television first was called as TV “HASI” by its very first founder Joze Kolndrekaj.
Starting with a few basic technical equipment and some journalists, who by their unmatched impetus tried to wane their thirst for information in Albanian language, and furthermore, they were enthusiastic. Those placed in the ether songs and beautiful words of Albanian language which was not allowed for many years by Serbian regime, giving by their selves everything that the truth about Kosovo and its sorrows after the war, to be faced little bit easier.
Our program was initially experimental two hours last to arrive slowly and steadily on 12 hours uninterrupted effective program.
Although the program was initially effective 2 in order to be gradually increased to 12 hours, in fact it still broadcast 24 hours of uninterrupted signal. Despite of effective program itself, the television has emitted photo slides advertising accompanied by music.
From the television started with very modest technical equipment, slowly and with completely own investments, for a short time television reached a degree of perfection desirous of claiming to be competitive even bigger televisions with national status.
After its broadcast signal in a larger space Dukagjini Plain region, with a spatial coverage percentage of 63% of the territory of Kosovo itself was forced us to change its name.
The name so far, TV “HASI” alluded more to a close spatial locality informative institution, therefore, in the general opinion reflected the conviction that this television served only information needs of this regional space.
Although it was emotionally difficult, based entirely on the pretext mentioned above, in 2004, the decision of changing the television name was made.
TV “Hasi”, symbolically named as television “OPINION”. So, it is named as television “OPINION”, this designation was dedicated to the public, a name that even today identifies this television.
Changing the name of the TV “Hasi” on “TV OPINION “was not only organizational change.
The first television owner and founder Mr. Joze Kolndrekaj praised most convenient moment of his retirement from the helm of this television and definitely his leadership passes on to his son Mr. Edvard Kolndrekaj who is also legitimate director of television “OPINION” .